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    I have updated the rules of moderation. I'll also be placing these rules on the new member registration page and in the terms of service. Thanks for taking the time to read the update. If you have any questions feel free to PM or email me admin@apug.org. Thanks

    Hello All, **forum moderation rules updated Feb24th,2004**

    Moderation will now be driven by the forum users and the forum admin (in extreme cases). I have added new functionality to the forums which will allow any member to report a post. Each post now has this "report this post" option in the top right of the post -shown in the screenshot below:

    When a post has been reported the post will also be labeled as reported:

    When I do get a reported post, I will do my best to action it quickly and appropriately (please allow up to 1 day max).

    What could happen:
    -The thread could be locked
    -Comment(s) in an individual post may be edited (a note of moderation will be placed in the post)
    -The post(s) or thread could be deleted
    -In extreme cases the member could be banned
    -Repeat offenders could be banned

    So when should you report a post? Not every time someone says something you disagree with or disagrees with you (we'd be flooded with reported post emails). Just try to use your best judgement when clicking that link. Forum members keep in mind personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you feel a thread is about to go wrong you can be proactive and PM me or email admin@apug.org

    The best course of action is to ignore the offending post and contact me immediately.

    Thanks, Sean

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    Thank you.

    Donald Miller



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