OK, so what I have is a focusing heilical and the mounting board for a Super Angluon 47mm f5.6 XL on a Cambo Super Wide camera.

Now I do have a 47mm Super Angulon f5.6 NOT XL(and a 47mm Digitar!). But I cannot use it on this mount.
As it turns out, the lens I have will not focus to infinity using this setup.

The reason being that the XL lens is actually a few mm longer than 47mm.

So, if possible I would like to trade it straight for a proper board/heilical for a 47mm f5.6 Super Angulon NON-XL.
But considering the chance of someone having the exact right thing that doesnt already have a lens in it is like 1 in not-gonna-happen,
I would consider trading for something else or selling it.

PM me if you have any interest.