Hey there! Given my bad luck selling some items, Iím putting them up for trade or partial trade.

Hereís what I have to trade:

Rolleiflex Old Standard (with very recent CLA) Model 622 w/ 3.5 Tessarógreat shape, missing hood ďside flapsĒ, shoots excellently.

Yashica Electro 35 RF with everready case in great shape! (The pad of death may be on the way out, so Iíll cut a deal.)

Yashica Mat LM w/ leather case, cap in great cosmetic shape, but non-firing shutter. Meter works great. Easy fix.

Asanuma 80-250 Minolta MC mount in leather case. Mint.

Iíd be kind of sad to part with it, but for the right trade: 55mm 1.2 Nikkor-S Non-AI

And... for anyone interested a mid 1950s Olds Ambassador (Early Fullerton) Cornet. A GREAT horn... ďStudentĒ level at the time, but robust and sounds great!

Iím interested in lenses that cover 8x10, especially wide-angle or anything in a shutter, as Iíve only got barrel lenses thus far as well as 8x10 film holders. Iím also interested in a 35mm manual Nikkor (AI or pre-AI), and a Rolleisoft for Bay I.

Iím also in need of a couple of Vivitar, Canon and Nikon speedlite sync cables of varying lengths and some 52mm polarizers/NDs

Of course, if you want to buy any of these items outright, feel free to make an offer. Also, I'm up for really anything so if you have some other trade suggestions, let me know!