I'm looking to stop shooting 35mm, and focus on MF, to that end, I'm letting go of my Leica M3 SS, with Summarit f/1.5 50mm lens and filters/hood. I am looking to trade for a highly portable, modern medium format camera. I've narrowed it down to...

Fujifilm GF670
Voigtlander Bessa III
Rolleiflex GX (or FX, but I doubt I'm that lucky).

Looking at current values, I'd say the M3 kit is worth a little more than a GF670, and a little less than either a Bessa III or Rolleiflex GX, so I'm prepared to pay a little in this transaction. I will also throw in the remaining 35mm film I have, a mixture of slide, colour neg, and B&W neg.

At present I am not interested in other Rolleiflexes, as I am after a modern meter. I'malso not after Mamiya gear, I had a Mamiya 7, it was great, but not quite for me.

For quickest reply, best to email me at taylor.garry@gmail.com.