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    FT: Several Items to Trade for DSLR W/Without Lens

    Im looking to trade the following items for one of the following: Canon DSLR's> T2i, T3i, 60D or original 5D with or without lens or a Nikon D90, 300(s) or 7000 with or without lens. Here is my list:
    A vintage American made Kramer Bass (700St) with small practice amp, cord and strap, Vintage made in Japan Aria Acoustic Guitar (early 70's) with hardshell case, Fujifilm S200EXR Digital Camera (30.5mm to 436mm) which takes great pics for a DSLR style small sensor camera (includes original box, charger & battery + software), Nintendo Wii with big game hunter and gun, two vintage sets (late 60's/early 70's)of snowshoes in great and useable shape (collectible), Two metal large format camera/film holder cases. These are flight type cases that are heavy duty and were used by a famous photographer in Hollywood. I also have an Alpenflex TLR in very good shape, however the shutter is stuck at 1/250. Almost forgot I have a solid metal Vivitar Tripod (vintage) similar but better than the tiltall tripods that will hold an 8x10 camera as well. All items are in very good condition and or work, excluding the shutter on the tlr. Send me an email or call me at 410-873-2019 if interested and for pics. Thanks, Mike C.
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