Thinking of trading the following:
  • Mamiya 7 body fitted with the new 7II rangefinder
  • 65mm with Lens hood
  • 150mm with third party lens hood
  • strap

The body and lenses were sent to Precision Camera in August 2012 to have a CLA, rangefinder upgraded to 7II and calibrated with lenses ($355 value).
BUT the meter DOES NOT work and I did not have it repaired as I use a Pentax spotmeter.
I did not warm-up to the rendering of the Mamiya for my B&W photos. It is too sharp and clinical. In my mind it is perfect for chromes or for a "modern" B&W look either do not fit what I do.

I am looking at a Fuji GF670 for trade. If the lens renders like the GW690 then it would suit me perfectly.