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Thread: Ion Omni Scan

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    Ion Omni Scan

    I have here a second scanner that I don't use. The one I mainly use is the perfect size for Polaroids (as it is normally made for scanning old 4x6 drug store images), and does just as well with my negatives. So, the second one is just sitting around. I value it between $50-65, a little less than what I guess they go for online in new condition. I have only used it once. I have the box and the instructions as well as all the cords it normally comes with.

    Now for what I'm looking for: Bronica ETR WLF, Bronica ETR 135 back, or... a rangefinder. Either a Canonet GIII QL17, or another Canon rangefinder (preferably, but will consider any brand). I know the interchangeable lens rangefinders go for more than that, so either I can add cash on my end (which might take a little longer as I am still searching for a part time job), or I can see if I have more stuff that suits your needs. I have a lot laying around that I'm trying to get rid of and I've never once owned a Canon product, so I'd like one that isn't an AE-1.

    I'm always looking for other Bronica ETR or Nikon "F" equipment as well, so if anything you have anything you think might strike my needs, let me know!

    You can message me here, or you can e-mail me at nathanriehlphotography@gmail.com.

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