Mamiya 645 1000s
150mm f3.5N
WLF + metered prism finder
Left hand grip
2x 220 + 120 insert

Flaws: Body has some missing paint on the door, lens took a tumble at Newfound Gap and slightly dented the filter thread, enough to make mounting filters difficult at the time. I have since repaired it by attaching a UV filter ring that I punched the glass out of. Mounts filters flawlessly, no vignette. Hood retracts and extends normally.

Everything works great. I redid the door seal a year ago and it holds light just fine, have put several rolls through it without issues. Has a new battery in it. Optics are solid 9.5/10, aperture blades are snappy. It's the N version with the newer coatings

What I'm looking for:

-Mamiya RB67 50mm f4.5, 180 4.5, if you have both I'll put cash on top
-Soviet LTM39 35 2.8/37 2.8 Mir-1b, turret finder. I will trade the MF system straight for these two.
-Any 5x7 lens that will actually cover 5x7. Must be mounted in a shutter. Preferrably a 210 or a 135. Has to fit on a 4x4 lens board.
-RB backs, need another 120, want the 6x8 motorized back too. I have a good NPC Polaroid back with darkslide as well I could trade.

These are all things I can find on eBay but would rather give back to the APUG community and help out our fellow members.