All glass is in very good condition with no scratches, haze, fungus, separation, etc. Shutters are all in good working order, and are accurate to my ear (for whatever that's worth). T&B work as expected.

14" Kodak Commercial Ektar in Universal #5, does not include caps, $350
19" C.P. Goerz Apochromatic Artar in Acme #4 Synchro, includes front cap, $550
14" Schneider G-Claron in Copal 3, includes both caps, $750

G-Claron is mounted on a Cambo lensboard. The other two are on lensboards for my Korona 7x17. All shutters have some sort of preview feature.
Prices shown are for shipment to US address. Paypal preferred. Anywhere outside the US will incur extra shipping charges.

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