hey all,

cleaning out the film section of the freezer. Came across these little gems, just what the doctor prescribed . All are 11/2010 dated, and I've had them frozen until picture time . 6 rolls total. medicine NOT included in sale :-)

I'm looking to trade them for other chrome(120,4x5 or 8x10) or color neg, or b/w film. NO 35MM PLEASE.

here are my preferred emulsions:

160nc(4x5 or 8x10)
400NC(4x5 or 8x10)
Tmax 400(120)
Efke 100(4x5 or 8x10)
E100G(4X5 or 8x10)
EPN(8X10 or 120)

I'm figuring around $15/roll + shipping in trade value, since this is the last emulsion coating, and they've been frozen since purchase.



"just what the doctor prescribed for that rash "