Hello all,
My fiancee recently acquired a Hasselblad 500C with an HC-4 Prism Finder. She just ordered a metered prism but also wants a waist level finder. I'd like to trade this HC-4 with Diopter Correction for a decent waist level. We can add some cash if need be, just let me know. I'm new to the Hassy world so I don't really know what the prices are for these things. B&H has one for $180. I'd guess it's worth a lot less. Make me an offer and we'll work it out. Photos below (sorry for the crappy quality, I snapped them with my iPhone quickly to show the item, I can send better ones if you need them).

I have extensive feedback at FredMiranda under the same username and on eBay under seller ID shutterbuttonfrenzy. I also have good transaction history at Rangefinder Forum.