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    35mm RF

    TRADE: Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta B (530/16)

    Haven't used this camera in awhile & I'm looking to trade for another 120 camera. I'm looking specifically for an SLR type camera. Preferably something used or Russian.

    It's a pre-war Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta B with Tessar 80mm/2.8 & Compur Rapid shutter. The rangefinder has separate viewing & focusing windows. Both are clear & the RF is accurate. Still has all it's original leather, but has a few scratches & Zeiss bumps (as would if you if you were 70+ years old). I bought the camera off the auction site & had it CLA'd by certo6. He also replaced the bellows.

    This camera still takes great photos, but has a couple of quirks. One is that the frame counter doesn't turn by itself. You'll either have to move it manually or use the red window. For some reason, however, the window is for a 6x9 camera, not a 6x6. Don't know why Zeiss did this, but that's the way it is. If you use the red window, you'll only get 8 shots per roll instead of 11 using the frame counter.

    Another quirk is the double exposure prevention mechanism. It's tied to the frame counter & since the frame counter doesn't turn automatically, the mechanism isn't released. In order to disengage it, you'll need to move the counter manually.
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