Title says it all, my D3 is set up with three tracks and three cones, one of which barely gets used.

645 is my main medium format size, so I use a 75mm for that, rigging it on to my 50mm cone (because the 90mm is too deep for it to be able to focus. I was looking into getting a 90mm lens but after some consideration, and trying to par down the variables in my photography I realised that I just about never shoot in 6x7 (only a handful of times using a roll back on 4x5), and 6x9 is big enough to be able to use the 135mm most times, but again, it's not a common format. So I realised it wasn't worth my time or hassle chasing down a quality 90mm just because I have one track of the enlarger set up for it, I'd be better off setting a track up for my second most commonly used lens.

So, is anyone out there looking for a very clean 90mm cone and matching track? Do you have a 75mm set you would want to do a straight trade for?