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    Gundlach 5X7/4X5 Outfit--- trade for WA/Panoramic Outfit or?

    Here is what I have and would like to trade towards a "Panoramic" Medium Format outfit or ??? :

    Gundlach 5x7 field camera with 5x7 and 4x5 backs -- camera is in nice shape and has custom lensboard mount


    Schneider Symmar-S 5.6/210 in Copal No.1 in Mint Condition

    Rodenstock Sironar - N 5.6/150 in Copal No.0 in Mint Condition

    Schneider Super Angulon 8/150 with shutter but not sure which brand because the lens barrel encases the shutter
    This is a "high dollar" lens that has 8x10 coverage! The optics are in excellent condition but shutter is "slow" on the lower speeds
    and should be serviced for best results. The previous owner "forgot" to mention this when I purchased the lens but said the shutter works
    better if you "exercise" it prior to using it.

    Wollensak Vesta Portrait f5 11.5 inch Lens - This is the sought after "old school" portrait lens with manual shutter. The shutter is opened and closed manually and has a fixed f5 aperture.
    The optics are non-coated and in great shape.

    I have a Fuji 4X5 Quick Loader that I purchased new and comes with 15 sheets of Velvia 100 Quickload film which expired 12/2009
    I have about 15+ sheets of Ilford HP5 Plus 400 5x7 BW film and four 5x7 film holders
    I have five 4x5 film holders

    I have an old metal trunk that this stuff can be packaged/mailed in. I live in Nor Cal.

    Thx, Michael
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