I am looking to trade for a jobo 20509 reel, the one used for 4x5 sheets. I only need the reel, not any of the other pieces for it. I have a few things I'd be willing to trade:
-Yashica A tlr 6x6 medium format camera
-various 4x5 double film holders
-various chemistry
-SS tanks/reels for 35mm and 120 ( I have one honeywell/nikkor one)
-El Nikkor 50mm 1:4 enlarging lens
-Leather case/cover for nikon f2
-un-opened bulk roll of 35mm iso 100 film (only bought it a month ago)
-bulk film loaders
Also if you pay extra I have:
-Macbeth RD915 densitometer/color analyzer

I may have some other stuff that you may be interested in, just shoot me off a PM if you're interested in a trade. I'd be interested in one of the expert drums too, I'd do a straight trade with the macbeth for one.
Let me know,