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    WTT: 4" x 5" film holders for 3" x 4" film holders

    I've got 3 x complete (used) double 4" x 5" film holders (2 x Lisco Mark II and 1 x Fidelity Elite) and 1 x "half" a double film holder (it only has 1 dark slide, and the end bit is loose - Lisco Regal). The film holders are generic 4 x 5 (not Graphic/Graflex specific).

    I need 3" x 4" non-slotted film holders. Open to trade for 3 - 5 3x4 film holders.

    I'm in Canada.

    (Turns out the beater Graphic I bought is 3 1/4 x 4 1/4, not 4 x 5 as advertised. I foolishly bought the film holders before the camera arrived. This was late last year, so it's well past any return period, but I'd still like to use the camera.)
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    i can't wait to take a picture of my thumb with this beautiful camera.

    - phirehouse, after buying a camera in the classifieds



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