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    FT: Analog Gear for Canon Digital Gear

    Ok, I have the following gear to trade for Canon EOS Digital SLR Gear. I need a long length prime Canon L Lens, Wide Angle Zoom or Fisheye Lens and or an Canon 7D or 5D Body. Here is what I presently have for trade.

    1) Working 4x5 Graflex Super D in very good condition with rear focusing panel and bag mag. Lens is the sharp 190mm Kodak Ektar, no mold, fungus or scratches. Shutter works as it should and shutter cloth is light tight.
    2) Combi Tank in Excellent Condition
    3) New 50 Sheet Box Arista 100 Speed Film
    4) Rare Topcoflex TLR with Leather Case and Metal Lens Cap in 8/9 of 10 condition. Camera works perfectly, lenses are excellent with no mold, fungus or scratches. The camera is hard to find, could not even find it on Ebay (present or completed). One reference stated it goes for 500-700.00.
    5) Rare Alpenflex TLR. Glass is clean, mold/fungus and scratch free. The shutter needs an cla and is stuck on 200th second, it does fire properly on that speed. The shutter release is missing the endcap, but that does not affect it's use (cosmetic). The body is in very good shape otherwise. The camera is quite rare and worth the CLA and will make it worth a mint. Cannot find any prices or completed listings on Ebay.
    6) Uniroller and 2 8x10 drums for sheet film. The uniroller spins forward and backward and is in excellent condition. Drums include spacers and one is in original box.
    7) Large JBL Processing lens in excellent condition.
    8) Nikkormat FT2 in Rare Black in excellent condition with mint original case. Includes 50mm Nikor Lens which is mold/fungus free.
    9) Epson Perfection 4990 Scanner with original box, holders and software. It is in excellent condition and used little. Awesome scanner as you probably know.
    10) 5 New Rolls B&W Acros 100 Speed 120 Film.
    11) Assorted chemicals for paper and film processing, all good and unexpired.

    Would prefer to make an straight up trade for the lot. Please PM ME DIRECTLY or I may not see the post. If you are interested I will gladly send detailed pics. Thanks, Mike.
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    I wish I had the money to buy that Super D outright.
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