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    Canoscan FS4000US 35mm film scanner, London, UK

    Part of my "Going to Australia" sale. I am in the process of emigrating to Australia, and to this end, anything I don't absolutely need, is getting sold.

    This is a Canoscan FS4000US 35mm film scanner. It works just fine, I use it with Vuescan on the Mac.

    It comes with negative and slide holder, and is an excellent scanner all round.

    On eBay right now, there is one of these getting bids at £240, it may go beyond that, but to keep things simple, I'm selling for £200, inc. PayPal fees. Pickup in London is preferred, but I can ship in the UK for £20.

    If you'd like to pick up, you can do so from my home (London E13), where you can see it work, or from my work (London EC1M), where I would not be able to demo it. Or we can meet somewhere convenient for both.
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