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    WW ll Japanese Field glasses w/case (NIKON?)

    A pair of well experienced 4X10 field glasses with reticle for calling artillery down on the invading GI's.
    Canvas covered case and strap are pretty neat but missing the closure. A prior (US)owner has
    written his name in the top of the case.

    Overall the glasses are in pretty decent shape but certainly nothing like new. ~65+ years old.
    I'd like to say the focus is smooth but it ain't it does work smoothly but it's a little tight and initially the focusing tubes
    are a bit mis aligned.
    The glass is OK, not scratched up but has internal dust and what appears to be some separation near the
    outer edge of the front objectives.
    These are compact. 3 1/2" long and light weight.~1 lb
    Be a good set if you're looking to avoid bears, snipers, or maybe your ex wife.

    There is No Name on the unit BUT! there's a familiar logo on the back of the glasses just above the L. eyepiece.
    If you've been around long enough you'll see that it's NIKON's.

    Anyhow. I'd like to get ~$75.00 but am open to offers.
    Shipping and fees are included in the price.
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