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    FS: 19th century settee - for studio portraits?

    A couple of close friends of mine have retired and are selling their 19th century settee. This makes an excellent seat for engagement photos and other intimate group shots with just two or three people.

    The piece was professionally restored some years ago and is in excellent cosmetic condition (although, I see it needs to be dusted a bit!) as well as being structurally sound. I've seen in in person, and used it for a short portrait session some years ago, and it really is beautiful. It is currently located in their home in Camarillo, California. Obviously, local pickup is preferred but, we can make arrangements to have it shipped if necessary. They'd like to get $600 for the piece but, I get the feeling that they are very open to offers. A cash sale is preferred but, paypal is also an option. They might even accept a payment plan...
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