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    WTT Rare Books!! The Bolt Action Rifle A Design Analysis Cased Set by Stuart Otterson

    I have my copy of the Bolt Action Rifle A Design Analysis by Stuart Otterson for sale or trade. I would honestly prefer to trade but will take cash assuming no one has anything I am needing and wants to buy the set outright. A brief description about the books. They are considered quite rare Wolfe Publishing only printed 1000 of this two volume cased edition in 1985. This work is considered the definitive work for anyone who is interested in firearms , as a hobbyist, collector, gunsmith, designer, or engineer. These sets of books typically bring between $250 and $450 in the condition my books are in.

    I know this may seem rather expensive for a set of books but as I said earlier this cased edition was published by Wolfe in a run of 1000 volumes. My books are in fantastic shapes, the pages have not been dog eared, or torn, they have no stains or creases, the case and bindings are in wonderful shape as evidenced from the images. The pages are not yellowing , in short there are no issues with the books, I have owned these since 1985. I do not think you will find a nicer set of these books in the country.

    What I am looking for in trades are camera equipment primarily. I primarily collect Nikon cameras and lenses but will consider most other equipment depending on what it is. I am looking to expand my stable of AF lenses at the moment so please hit me up. and let me know what you have, also I am looking for a good quality tripod which is something I desperately need. Still feel free to make an offer if you are interested.

    Thanks and God Bless
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    Those are excellent books! I have the set.



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