This is a Redfield Tracker 3-9x scope with the post crosswire rectile in it, this rectile is not as common as the much more common duplex rectile, The scope is very bright clear and mechanically perfect. There is no issue with the optics. I had the scope serviced and recharged by Ironsight Inc which is the company that Redfield recommends for the servicing of Denver Redfield optics. I am asking $300 shipped to you Insurance is optional and at the buyers expense. This is a good deal for someone considering the superior quality of the Denver Redfield's and the fact that you will wait up to 15 months to get one serviced, plus the cost of of buying the scope if you do not own one already.

I am open to partial trades, As always I am looking for Nikon Cameras and Lenses as well as other camera gear depending on what it is. Feel free to make trade offers the worst I will ever say is no thanks.