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    Lotsa Junk and Other Odds and Ends! Prices Negotiable!!!

    I've managed to gather a lot of items over the years, mostly from box lots from estate auctions. These are the leftovers from the boxes after I got out the item(s) I really wanted! Something here for everyone!

    To the best of my knowledge, everything works as advertised. If your supply of stuff to sell on eBay is low, make me an offer for the entire list!

    • 1947 US Naval Academy "Lucky Bag" Yearbook, autographed by Jimmy Carter. Class of '47, though they graduated in June, 1946. Includes copy of the graduation flyer (probably a rare item; I suspect most were simply thrown away). Autograph obtained in 2011. If you're worried about authenticity, the Carter Pres. Library will have a shipping record of returning them it to me. Includes Stansfield Turner, Dir. of CIA under Carter, and Admiral William Crowe, former Chairman, JCS and Ambassador to Great Britain. $350. There's one on eBay for $975, and another on AbeBooks.com for $3600! The price will surely rise once he passes away!
    • Insignia NS-NAV01 Vehicle GPS - 4.2" screen; discontinued; 2008 data; but it uses Windows CE 5.0 core, so many apps available. With suction cup mount. $25
    • Midland LXT317 2-way radios. Pair. $10
    • iPod Shuffle. 2Gb. Needs special mount for charging (see eBay). Function unknown. $5
    • Shorty's E6B Electronic Flight Computer, with manual. $25
    • Geko 201 Personal Navigator GPS. With manual. Kid-friendly, with a GoTo (track back) feature; select GoTo and simply follow the arrow. $50
    • Magellan Meridian Platinum GPS. No manual (download from Magellan website). $125
    • iPod Touch, 2nd Gen. 8Gb. $40
    • iPod Touch, 2nd Gen. 8Gb, with rubber case for protection. $45
    • iPod Nano, 2Gb. Music, audiobooks, radio, Nike+iPod, more. Color screen. $10
    • Belkin TuneCast Universal. Plug in your audio device, tune it on the car radio. With instructions. $10
    • Plane Quiet Noise-Cancelling Headphones, with adapter jacks, case. $45
    • Philips Sync & Charge Cable for Kindle. P/N: SWR1223K/17. LNIB. $5
    • Olympus ME-7 Conference Microphone. LNIB, but without 1/4" jack. $25
    • Valor VH-700WCN 7" TFT LCD Monitors; pair. Used with vehicle DVD system, but no player. Originally $100 each! Connector pins labeled, so buyer can modify. Have applied power and they function. Mount on goosenecks, then the goosenecks on board. Attach board to headboard for TV/DVD monitors in bed! $40
    • K-Bar knife; USMC stamped sheath. Like new, very minor wear to scabbard. $50
    • TNW Long-Stroke Gas Piston System for AR-15. Includes complete bolt carrier assembly with gas piston key in place. BCA is $125 on its own; TNW kit is $225 new. $275
    • 1925 Day-Fan Five Model 5044 TRF Radio. In good working condition; with 5 "01A" tubes ($10-15 each, used). Sold for $115 in 1925; adjusted for inflation, that's about $1500! Includes Battery Eliminator in kit form, a $60 value (these radios were battery-powered, as most rural areas didn't have AC power. $175
    • MobiCam 900 MHz Color Baby Monitor. Voice-activated pic and sound, with auto mute to save battery life. 150' indoor/300' outdoor range. Battery or AC operation of base unit. Near-infrared night vision capability; can be increased by mounting a hi-power IR source, using several IR LEDs high on the wall. Discontinued model, but still fine. LNIB. $30
    • LIND Automodile 12VDC-to-24VDC Power Supply for Epson U-590P Point-Of-Sale Printer. Still available at $100 each! Cut off Epson connector for high-quality, filtered 24VDC power. See eBay for 24VDC-to-5VDC & -12VDC transformers (from China; low cost) to build a custom 5/12/24VDC power supply for automobile use. $35 each, or 4 for $125.
    • Misc. camcorder/camera battery chargers. All 4 for 1 money. Includes Canon CB-2LS; Canon NB-4L; Sony FP50/70, FP90, FH70; Nikon EN-EL10. $15
    • AIPTEK DV3100 Mini-camcorder. Built-in storage, and SD card storage. With manual, USB cable, desktop tripod. $20
    • MPIO Digital Cool HD300 Music Player. 20Gb storage. Interface is very clunky, but having 20Gb on hand is good. $20
    • 1Gb Jaz disks; seven (7) total. $20 for all.
    • Atari Flashback Video Game System. Play all the classic games! 1- or 2-player. Unit, 2 paddles, instructions. $20
    • Exell 412 22.5VDC Alkaline battery (2). For use in Graflex Super Graphic camera. Retail for $14 each; $20 for both.
    • Casio EV-4500 and TV-980 LCD televisions. They use the old NTSC format, so can no longer pick up broadcast TV. Might be able to hack them for A/V field monitors for digital cameras. $10 for both.
    • ION Film2SD Film and slide scanner. No computer needed; store pix on SD card for later transfer to computer. $15
    • Fieldpiece HS33 Digital Stick Meter, with ACH4 Clamp Meter and AMN2 Manometer Head. For HVAC use or other electrical work. Magnet to hand off nearby metal when working. With nylon case and directions for each head. $100
    • UEI G2 Phoenix Digital Clamp Meter. Clamp can be removed; magnet to hang meter off nearby metal when in use. $45
    • Radio Shack Pro-51 Scanner. $20
    • Uniden Bearcat Sportcat SC150 scanner, with manual. $20
    • Radio Shack Pro-404 200-Channel Weather Alert Scanner. $20
    • Proof/Mint Coins Sets: 1959P, with evenly toned nickel and blue Rae Biester Proof Coin sheet; 1961P, with evenly toned coin and pink Rae Biester sheet; 1964P, with lightly toned nickel and orange Rae Biester sheet; 1972 UNC P&D coins, with S penny, env. from Dept. of Treasury in NYC; 1976 UNC P&D bicentennial coins with Eisenhower dollars, several coins show light toning; 1979 UNC P&D coins with S.B. Anthony dollars, several coins show light toning. $80 for all.

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    Xmas is just 73 days away!!!

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    If you see something you like, make me an offer!!!



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