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Thread: [FS] Leica M8

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    [FS] Leica M8

    Hello Everyone!

    Yes, I know; I'm posting a digital camera for sale on a site dedicated to analog!

    But, the time has come to part with my Leica M8. It's been a great camera. I bought it new a few years ago, and have gently used ever since (i.e. I've been the only owner).

    The current shutter count is approximately 2,275.

    I am only selling because I do not use it enough to justify keeping it on-hand. Accordingly, it's time to send it off into the world.

    Everything is in like-new condition, so all you need is a lens and a memory card and you'll be out the door (or inside) shooting away.

    I'm including the following:

    (1) Leica M8 (body)
    (1) Leica Battery Charger
    (2) M8 Batteries
    (1) Leica Leather Camera Protector
    (1) Leica camera strap

    I do not have the original body cap, so it'll ship with a generic one; and I do not have the original packaging.

    Asking $1,750 USD, which includes free via USPS Priority mail in the continental US. Otherwise, I am open to reasonable offers

    Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks!
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