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    Hasselblad Ixpress CF 132 digital back 22mp

    I'm selling a very nice Ixpress digital back built by Imacon, (now Hasselblad owned). The digital back is completely self contained or you can tether it or you can use it with a Hasselblad Imagebank. It takes CF cards and uses sony style batteries and takes hundreds of pictures on one battery. It can also be used on many medium format cameras. I have the Iadapters for either the Hasselblad V system cameras or the Mamiya 645 AFD camera system. Only one Iadapter will be included so let me know which camera you will use. The package will include the digital back, 2 relatively new batteries, a wall charger, and then the extras depend on the camera you will be using. The Hasselblad will include an angle holder for the battery in case you are using an ELM or ELD, etc. and also will include a couple short cables for hooking up to the lens flash socket for that type sync. The Mamiya adapter will come with only the adapter and screws and screw driver. When used with the Mamiya, the camera retains it's ability to autofocus and use the automatic metering modes, very nice. The back also beeps when it has taken a good picture, part of the Hasselblad image architecture software. Obviously, the files are large and gorgeous, you can't get medium format rendering or detail even with the best 35mm sized sensors. This sensor is even larger than the latest 50mp, and 80mp sensors, in area it is about the largest you can buy as a regular consumer. The back will also come with Flexcolor 4 software disc but it can only be used with older computers. You can download the newer Phocus software from the Hasselblad site and that works great with this back on the newer operating systems. A great digital back at a fair price. $2800.00 shipped in the USA.
    Note: the LCD is nice and clean with no marks but there are 2 short lines of colored pixels near the middle, don't know why they are there, they do not effect the image files, of course, but are there when using the LCD for either the menu or checking images. They can be seen in a few of the pictures provided. (as in the blue line in the birdbath, last picture)
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