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    FS: Nikon D1H camera body...

    I'm selling my Nikon D1H body. It's in good condition, probably on the low side of what KEH would call BGN grade. Has some paint wear, mainly on the edges of the prism and on the baseplate of the camera. No dents or dings, though. LCD is bright and clear. All switches and command dials work fine, although, the metering mode switch is a bit finicky. Sometimes requires a little fiddling to get it to stay in a certain mode. An issue that sometimes crops up on the F100 as well. Rubber coverings are intact and not sticky, nor smelly.

    CCD has just been cleaned by Camera Clinic in Shoreline, WA. It comes with the body cap, as shown in the pic, plus a Nikon BS-1 hot shoe cover, a 512MB compact flash memory card, OP/TECH camera strap that's in decent shape, the instruction book, and a freshly charged battery. Alas, I do need to keep the charger (unless I can find one for cheap on evilBay) for the other D1 series body I have - a D1x.

    I've been happy with it, it's just that I don't need two DSLR's.

    $300, plus ship.

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