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    Here's looking at YOU!

    Ok you know you're being followed, you can sense it. When you turn around quickly you think you see someone duck into a dark doorway.
    No, you're not paranoid. There is someone out there watching you. Only YOU!

    Keep an eye on those sneaky sorts with a pair of Nikon Traveler 10 X 25 binoculars. Compact, they'll fit into a large coat pocket so the sneaks behind you won't know you're looking for them.
    Or you could look for things to take picture of. Maybe even the gals at the beach.

    They come with a case with belt loop and Nikon neck strap for security.

    The optics are clean as is the body of the glasses. Feel secure again for only thirty-five US dollars via Paypal.

    Yes, only $35.00 and that pays for shipping and PP fees.
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