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    Aspire One Netbook with upgraded stuff...

    Trying to get rid of this thing as I don't use it. It's a blue Aspire One netbook with the 7" screen. I put a 320GB hard drive in it, and it's got a Broadcom wifi card... so currently it is running OSX Snow Leopard.

    I used it to store digital photos on the go with Lightroom. Not the greatest to edit on, but works in a pinch. I've also got an 8 hour battery for it, and will throw in the original battery as well.

    It'll run Windows 7 with ease (including all the fancy Aero effects).

    Asking $150 + $15 shipping in the Con US (I'm in Lexington, KY).
    Vincent Purcell
    Lexington KY Photographer + Media Artist

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    I was just given an Aspire 1 netbook running XP with 1 gig. I upgraded it to the max 2 gig ram and did a clean install. It came with a 500gig external usb drive and dvd writer and a nice netbook case. My neighbor is a bit of a techno freak and she bought an iPad and has not used the netbook since so it is like new. It is from 2009 and has the Atom 270 so I did not expect a whole lot but it does okay on streaming videos. Speakers suck but with a set of phones it is decent. I've loaded the external drive with videos and old radio programs and it will be going to the hospital with me tomorrow so I'll have something to watch and listen to while in recovery rather than spending big dollars for their cable with a terrible selection of channels.

    Not a bad unit but I am used to my pair of 17" so it is a might small. I can handle small as I owned and used the little Toshiba Libretto CT110 for about 9 years as my personal laptop.



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