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    Wittner also sells Velvia in Super 8-cassettes and is thinking about offering other Fuji-slidefilm in Super-8-format. So if Fuji keeps producing Slidefilm, we will still have reversal available in Super 8.
    The only problem is that slidefilm isn't optimized for movie use. So there is a change of jamming. Haven't had any problems with the Velvia cassettes I have used. I shot three rolls of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kraker View Post
    Indeed, it was gone, and... I don't know, but I guess it still is. The Single-8 film is not sold in Fuji boxes or even in Fuji cartridges, so it could very well be old stock, spooled into the cartridges by another company.

    I've also read about a possible come-back. "it is not completely excluded that Astia 100F might come back one time" (see this thread). That sounds rather iffy, so it's safe to assume that the Single-8 is old stock Astia.

    Hm... which slide film are you using now? Will that be the next one to go?...
    Well I'm still shooting up the rest of the E100G, Elitechrome 100 and Ektachrome 200 that I bought up. I also shoot some Provia 100, the Agfa Precisa rebranded version of it, and Provia 400. What choices do we really have? Velvia (reduced varieties but that's ok, more than enough left) and Provia 100 and 400 are IT now.



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