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Our local theatre went digi last week:


My wife and I went and saw Argo on Celluloid before the transition.....damn this is going to happen fast....
Yes, it's quite a fast process.
My local cinema (has 8 theaters) partly went digital with 2 of it's theaters becoming Digital/3D 2 or 3 years ago; until recently. I remember going a few months back, look into the projection window, and see the projector and a strip of celluloid running next into it. Nowadays it's just a projector that looks like a box... I don't remember the last movie I saw in film, but in less than a month I began to see all of the projectors being boxy (digital)...

Seems to be a distributor thing, they are pushing for digital for their profits; difficult for small cinemas... For the consumer as well. The price has risen 50 euro cents in that month or two... For weekend and holidays, they charge 7.70 (before 7.20) € (10 bucks) And Spanish consumers mostly think about it twice.