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    Super8 Reversal Lab (NL) and Film Rescue International (CA) became partners

    Hi all,

    I am placing this message on behalf of a friend, Frank Bruinsma of the Super8 Reversal Lab in the Netherlands. For those of you who don't know him, Frank Bruinsma was the one who initially made the excellent historic Kodak "How film is made" (1958) documentary available on the internet, and allowed me and some other APUG members to translate and subtitle it in English for the benefit of the international film community.

    Frank now teemed up with a Canadian company called Film Rescue International and is going to act as an intermediate hub for European clients. See his press release below for more information on the services he is going to offer.

    Marco Boeringa

    *** Press release by Frank Bruinsma: ***

    Super8 Reversal Lab and Film Rescue International became partners

    From today 22nd August 2012 there is a European depot for Canadian company Film Rescue International. My Super8 Reversal Lab works very close together with FRI and set up a separate depot, especially for European costumers. You might know Film Rescue International for their excellent work in developing very old still and motion picture films, including Kodachrome. They are a full-service laboratory.
    With opening this European depot it becomes far more easy for costumers to get their valuable and precious still and motion picture films developed and scanned in Canada. Film Rescue Europe, as the depot is officially called, takes over all international payments, shipping, administrative and customs handling for all European costumers. At the same time the European depot is thé ideal contact to ask questions how we can develop and scan your film in the best way possible. Click the image to view a large team photo!

    Film Rescue Europe
    p.o. box 14124
    2501 GC
    Den Haag
    phone: +31 707370178

    Super8 Reversal Lab:
    Hoge Zand 30A
    2512 EM The Hague
    E-mail: post@super8.nl

    All info about the services being offered can be found via http://www.filmrescue.com in English or (part) German.
    Absolutely nothing changes the way the Super8 Reversal Lab operates with opening this Film Rescue Europe depot. You can expect the same service as always.
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