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    The expectation are really quite different given a distinction between a private and public corporation. With a private one, you just have cumulative overhead and sales; whatever is left over
    is profit, and as long as its reasonably positive, it's a viable model. When something is publicly held,
    you need a big BS coefficient in order to attract more investors, and if their often unrealistic expectations aren't routinely met, you've got a big problem. In the present condition, Kodak won't
    attract the latter. If they could supply film at a simple per-proft sustainable basis, the overall demand is probably still significant for a few niche suppliers. And they still have a sizable market for
    color RA4 paper. But making color products does involve a lot of complicated infrastructure and
    supply-chain issues, and all it takes is one weak link to break the chain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianShaw View Post
    Ya, and you thought you were pretty dang fancy and technologically-advanced when your dot matrix printer had a 24-pin head, didn't you? I know I did!
    My first had a six-pin head. Along with the six pinheads I had to work with, that made a total of twelve.
    I do use a digital device in my photographic pursuits when necessary.
    When someone rags on me for using film, I use a middle digit, upraised.

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