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    Quote Originally Posted by analoguey View Post
    (Is it okay to cross post from another forum's links?) Found this interesting link on recent Hassies, seems like QC is really bad.
    Yikes. Sounds more like a distributor issue than an issue with Hasselblad, who admittedly have a product issue, but have stepped up to the plate to help out at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFlyingCamera View Post
    Well, say what you will, but I would love it if such a device became reality, so that I would never have to worry about being able to continue to use some of my favorite cameras when film is no longer available/affordable. I hope that this event horizon is beyond my lifetime, but it would be nice to have the alternative available should it happen sooner rather than later.
    Well that is my thinking. Along with my love of film, I do like the fact that cameras were built to last (at least at the pro- prosumer level). One of my biggest gripes about digital is the throw away mentality that it brings to photography and gear. The D70 I bought 4 years ago is crap, the D90 I got 2 years ago feels tired, yet my F5, F2, and N80 (to add a consumer level model) are still trucking along just fine with no issues. To have a drop in digital solution for color photography (damn you if you take my B&W chemicals!!) would be a nice addition.

    As a segway to getting this back on track, I am appalled that a camera costing that much will simply be a paperweight in a few years.

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