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Another example? Someday soon the only purchasing option will be for smart, IP-connected ("Works with Nest?") refrigerators that know what's stored inside them. And therefore what's missing and should be added to your virtual grocery list. A wonderful (?) convenience we would all want, right?

The danger is that the remote refrigerator data servers will then hold a record of everything perishable that you eat and drink on a regular basis. Information that your health insurance company would just love to know when it's time to set your updated policy premium rates. And be more than willing to pay for to get their hands on.

Tracking what you eat and drink? In your own home? Impossible to do you say? Click here and watch the short video...
I work in IT. At least right now, the fridge would have to have a network connection in order to report to the servers. If you don't run an Ethernet cable, and don't give the fridge the network ID and password, it can't connect. If it has to have a network connection in order to control it, then it will have a MAC address, which you can configure your router to deny it access to the Internet. Of course, if you have to connect to the server in order to control your fridge, then it would be a fridge that I would not want.

Now back to the real topic, which is the interview with Mirko from Adox...