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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapositivo
    Quote Originally Posted by hpulley View Post

    I'm not going to try and stock up for a lifetime as I can't afford to do so and don't want to risk a lifetime of frozen film and paper to a 3-day power failure or something like that (three days of diesel generator backup? no, No, NO). Sure, I stock up on a few pro packs now and then but I can shoot a pro pack of 120 in an afternoon easily.
    If you stock film in your freezer, and you have a power 3-day power failure, you just eat very fast what was in the freezer (that's good to eat if you don't re-freeze it) and you just re-freeze your film when the power is resumed. AFAIK you can freeze, defreeze and re-freeze film as many times as you want.

    People who buys bulk rolls sometimes defreeze the bulk roll, wait some hours, roll their owns, and then re-freeze the bulk roll.
    I think that freezing, thawing, then refreezing film several times is ok. But if it is not in sealed containers you run the risk of introducing ice into the film from the condensation during the thawing cycle.

    I suspect the plastic sealed envelopes that major film brands use for 120 film are a good moisture barrier. And I suspect the plastic 35mm canisters are adequate.

    Can anyone give definitive advice about sheet film and film wrapped in paper?
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    Like the film hate the company. I expect Kodak to rape us once again and introduce a 16exp. roll for the price of a 24.

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    Freezing & Thawing Film

    With regard to post #34,

    ďCan anyone give definitive advice about sheet film and film wrapped in paper?Ē

    I place sheet film boxes inside of vapor-proof sealed plastic bagging before putting the film into the freezer. When I remove it, I allow sufficient time for the film to warm until itís close to room temperature before opening it. That prevents condensation.

    This can also be done with 120 and 35mm films if removed from their original vapor-proof packaging.

    The only effect Iíve noticed from freezing is that the magenta osmium dye of T-Max film seems to become more tenacious. I practice 2-bath fixing with these films and the 2nd bath of relatively fresh full strength Kodak Fixer leaves my negatives colorless without a hint of magenta.

    All my films: B&W, color negative, and color transparency, are frozen upon purchase and only thawed as needed. Whatever doesnít get shot gets repacked in the VP plastic and refrozen until the night before I plan on using it.

    Some films have been frozen and thawed multiple times before finally using. Iíve always used films at the box speed (or best EI) with normal results. Some films have been used up to 20 years after expiration date. I rarely use films faster than ASA 160, so my films donít appear to gain any base fog with long-term storage.

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    OK, back to my real reason then. I don't feel like spending that much at one time trying to stock up for a lifetime. I will continue to hope that I'll be able to shoot film for the next 35 years by being able to buy film every year. Crazy? Perhaps. I hope not.
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