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Waste is not really the right term. A director will do multiple takes, film extra and different angles for editing coverage. There is no way to cut most (99.99999999%) of films without coverage. As far as feet of film, many films have gone through over 1,000,000 feet, "Apocalypse now","The New Wold","the thin red line", the first Superman - to name just a few out of many.

This is called the shooting ratio and although 1,000,000 feet equals 100:1 in ratio to film shot vs used, it is hardly unheard of. Wish I had that kind of budget...
The main costs of a film are in actors and crew salaries, sets, locations and all the other expenses, so a director is going to make far more takes, angles, etc., to be exactly sure that he has everything he could conceivably need....this applies whether he is shooting film or digital (it would be a bit embarassing if he had to get the sets and actors of. say, Harry Potter back a month or two later because one shot was faulty ).