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    Quote Originally Posted by newcan1 View Post
    I think Ferrania was a spin-off from 3M. The spin-off must have been in the mid-1980's or early 1990's (because I was buying 3M film in the 80's before it spun off). So I don't think Ferrania itself would have made C-22, it would have been too late for that.
    Ferrania was founded in 1923 long before being taken over by 3M in 1964. Their pre-C41/E6 films like most manufacturers in Europe were related to the Agfa colour processes. The first colour films I processed were Ferrania transparency a very finick long process.

    When 3M began pulling out of film manufacture in 1999 Ferrania was bought by an investment company, sold again and struggled to survive.


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    Quote Originally Posted by newcan1 View Post
    I am told that Ferrania closed down 2 years ago and the factory was torn down. Solaris film in Europe, which used to be Ferrania, is apparently made by Kodak. This was told to me by the owner of a company that sells a huge number of private label disposable film cameras.
    The last film I bought (or one of the last ones, I still have one cardboard box) had an expiry date of December 2011, lot number MC8350 and was produced "in the E.U", which I suppose means not by Kodak. It is marked "Ferrania Technologies". I do believe this was produced in the Ferrania factory, but it could certainly have been a master roll produced one year before. Internet sources say the production of film ended in 2009 but I don't know if this is accurate as the end of film production was announced several times and then postponed thanks to public subsidies.

    I deem very likely that all the Solaris Ferrania rolls available on eBay were actually produced in Ferrania, because they now appear to have disappeared, I only see those with expiry dates of 2011 - 2012.


    PS The firm was actually born as SIPE (SocietÓ Italiana Produzione Esplosivi, I suppose) in 1882 as an explosive factory situated in Cengio, in the province of Savona, Liguria.
    In 1916 the great increase in production of explosives required for the needs of WWI (mainly for export to Russia) led to the creation of a new factory in nearby Ferrania, a fraction of the municipality of Cairo Montenotte, in the same province of Savona.
    In 1923 it changed its name into FILM, Fabbrica italiana lamine Milano.
    In 1935 it became Fabbriche Riunite Cappelli e Ferrania.
    In 1938 simply Ferrania.
    In 1964 it was bought by 3M, which sold it in 1999.
    Since then its road was more or less a Calvary.
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