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    i kind of like what they gave you. much better than
    a muted color, desaturated boring portrait.

    i wouldn't stop going to this lab, i'd bring all my film to this lab.
    unless you are printing the images yourself in a wet darkroom,
    you can desaturated and mute and remove the scratches from them
    or make them the way you want using current/modern photofinishing techniques.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athiril View Post
    Is the line on the actual negs?

    Because that looks exactly like to me a piece of dust or other small debris lodged on a moving scan head of a scanner.

    If they're scans they provided you I woudln't worry about the contrast. Someone posted 160S once from a minilab scanner, and hell it would have given Velvia 50 a run for it's money in both contrast and saturation.
    Like I said, the scratch is on the negs going through the whole roll, clearly visible to the naked eye. Also, the contrast is so bad I can't really do much in post as there's just no information to recover and the colors go wonky as soon as I start pulling the curves. The photo I posted is far from the worst one too. I could possibly recover something somewhat usable with a better scanner and actual control over the scanning process, but if you look at my flickr this has not been a problem in the past and all those photos were scanned at the same place.

    I'd like to thank everyone who replied and sent me private messages, it seems likely the lab over processed the negs and the scratch more than likely happened in their machine. From now on I'll stick to pro labs for sure, I'm just thankful it was a test roll and not photos I actually cared about.

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