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    I finally got my digital scans (but not the negatives or prints) back from Richard Photo Lab. I want to avoid ranting here but their lack of understanding of digital imaging is very surprising. I will never use their services again. If anyone is curious about what happened let me know and I will tell the story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by polyglot View Post
    the issue is that basically no commercial labs do optical prints anymore because hybrid is so much more time-efficient and tweakable. Their printers are profiled and they know from what's on-screen exactly what will come out on the paper; instead of spending a couple sheets of paper and half an hour doing test exposures and developing them, they just move a slider on-screen for a couple of seconds.

    If you want optical prints, you're going to need to do them yourself. It's not real hard as long as you have a colour enlarger (which people tend to give away lately) and RA4 chemicals and papers are readily and cheaply available in California (which is where I assume you are).
    I own and operate The Lighthouse Lab in Sydney all I do is optical prints. and I know of 5 other labs in sydney that also do optical prints these labs include Blanco negro, Pix Photo Media, Vision Image Lab and Sandy Prints.....This being said there are commercial labs all around the world still doing hand prints.

    I do Ra-4, B&W and for only a short time longer Ilfochrome. I also process E-6, C-41 and B&W.

    yes its more expensive to get a hand print made because it is more labor intensive but the qualities are worth it no?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DREW WILEY View Post
    In mini-labs you've got some kid making three dollars an hour. The week before he ran the popcorn
    machine at the theatre. Next week he'll be behind the counter at Starbucks, and the week after that
    he'll become some big box store manager learning how to create industrial accidents.

    I hope that kid doesn't have a passport. If he does then please give me his name so I can pass it on to the U.K. border control agency.

    A great description. Made me smile


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