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    Quote Originally Posted by RPC View Post
    This is not my experience. If I use Kodak RA-RT replenisher in a tray, without starter and dilution, the first sheet will have the same color balance as the rest. If there is a difference, it is very small, certainly not 20cc.
    RPC and Polyglot may also be using different types of paper, and different types of scene. A low key portrait, where the background is nearly black, may have 3x the replenisher demand of a "normal" scene. I don't know what's up, just saying that the discrepancies could well be due to different operating conditions.

    Even though RA4 is robust with respect to replenishment rates (many sheets developed in the same untreated batch of developer is equivalent to underreplenishment), at some point the developer will begin to fail. And different papers don't always behave exactly the same; this is not just hypothetical, either. Just saying...

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    Thanks all for the input.
    Mr Bill, it was EP2. RA-4, I'm sure,will be a new experience. I wish I had a penny for each 8x10 I printed back then. I could live very well on that with retirement now.
    It looks like this weekend will be the startup for my system and process. YAAAHOOOO, can't wait.
    I'll let all know how it comes out with the testing and mixing. I didn't order any starter but it won't be any problem ordering if needed.
    I have been looking at the Jobo system in case trays didn't do it for me. I wish I had about 5 systems to sell. My checkbook would be real proud to see that much in it. I did play a little with the nova system after I shut my lab down, but couldn't use it due to being on the road all week for work and weekends was spent with family. Wish I hadn't sold it.
    I'll send an update after trial and error this weekend.


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