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    Re-Bleaching C-41 Negatives

    I couldn't find the answer to this question in previous threads.
    When re-bleaching C-41 Negatives do you wash the negatives first, to rinse off the Stabilizer & Photo-Flo
    & reuse the Bleach & Fixer?
    Another question would be how long should the chemicals sit before processing? once you mixed Liquid Chemicals.
    I am leaving the stock solutions in the Fridge at 45 degrees due to the immense summer heat presently & the low volume I am processing.
    Mixing with water at 120 degrees, the chemicals are around 90 degrees when mixed & heat up the rest of
    the way to 100 degrees in the Processor.
    The Processor is level & receiving 200 ml of Chemical for 1 Roll of Film. The minimum for 1 Roll is 110 ml.
    A test strip of film (4 exposures) came out perfectly, then a 24 exposure film resulted in the scan below with fresh chemicals.
    The negative is directly scanned with no Photoshop adjustments.
    I'm baffled.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bleach.jpg 
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