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Thread: Slide Shows

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    Quote Originally Posted by ME Super View Post
    At 1 hour/day for 100 days (assuming you also scan on weekends) you'd be through all three thousand slides in under 4 months. Just make sure you have a scanner with digital ice, and if you're scanning kodachromes make sure your scanner's digital ice can handle kodachrome as one of the dyes can absorb infrared and that introduces all sorts of artifacts. If you didn't buy a scanner with digital ice, well, then it'll take you a lot longer because you'll have to spot all the photos yourself to get any dust off that your cleaning didn't get.

    That's assuming, of course, that taking the slide out of the tray, cleaning it twice, scanning it twice (once at low-res, once at high-res) plus color correction can be done in two minutes or less. In my experience it takes a bit longer.

    Besides, the best way to look at slides is in a slide projector. There's nothing that looks quite like a projected slide, and used projectors are dirt cheap these days!
    4 months, at an hour a day, ugggh I tried scanning all my negatives, probably about 2000 about 5 years ago, didn't even get through the first years shooting..... It's a little like watching paint dry....
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMbikerider View Post
    There is absolutely nothing to compare with a good slide. Digital projected images I find are either unsharp or lack colour saturation. Give me a good Velvia slide any day - now that is pure quality.
    I agree. But a Provia slide is also pretty darn good.
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    There are eight ways to put a slide into a projector tray. Seven of them are wrong.

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