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Dont take chances with your prior lab! I would say it is pretty difficult to screw up negative shots on the shooters end - but very easy, and likely, on the processing end. Especially in todays low volume film world, where many labs keep the chems far too long to squeeze out a few extra dollars. At your expense.

Send you slide film to either:
Denver Digital Imaging aka The Slide Printer
They specialize in E-6, and have a long history of good work, back to the 1970's. They use a dip and Dunk machine too, which is bber than roller transport (which can scratch your film).


North Coast Photo of Ken Rockwell fame/acclaim. Especially good if you want some decent scans at reasonable prices to go with your slides. They have decent volume too, due to the referral at Kens site.


Thanks again....I have definitely come across both labs.

I think Denver Digital is widely recommended.

I scan my own film (I have the Epson 4990).....for slides that I especially like, I will probably send out for drum scans.