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    Quote Originally Posted by wogster View Post
    I find that strange, that commercial destinations are considered differently. I used to work for a courier, and did deliveries, you could have 100 pieces going to 100 houses, and bring every darn one of them back, because people either work during the day, or they work nights and don't answer the door. A lot of people know this, and simply have stuff shipped to their work address, where either shipping/receiving or reception signs for it, then they would call you at your desk to come by and get it. If it went to your house, you would then need to haul yourself down to the depot, many miles out of your way to receive it. 90% of the house deliveries with no one home, when we called people, about these items, they would ask for it to be sent to their work address anyway....
    The problem arises because organizations like amazon have negotiated a deal with fedex for special low cost shipping to residences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattKing View Post
    The problem arises because organizations like amazon have negotiated a deal with fedex for special low cost shipping to residences.
    I realise that, that is what they have done, I just having worked in the courier business, I wonder why they do that.....

    Now if there is no signature required, in communities like mine where 90% of residences are single family homes and duplexes, and the driver can drop it between doors and go, it makes a lot of sense. In parts of big cities where they are all apartments and condo's it's much, much tougher. You can't leave a package by a unit door, it will disappear, and most buildings require the driver to buzz all apartments they are delivering to, so almost everything ends up needing to be picked up. That costs the carrier money, because they need to effectively deliver it twice.
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