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    Cheap E-6 Processing UK

    Just wondering if anyone had any experience with the Jessops 'Mailer' for E-6 colour slide processing, which is at the moment only GBP 3.99.

    Any other cheap E-6 processing recommendations would be appreciated. I'm in Belfast, which means there are no decent photographic retailers anywhere nearby...

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    Have used these mailers entirely satisfactorily for some time and can recommend them....they go to Cewe Laboratory, at Warwick, which is the UK branch of a large European lab group. Can take about 10 days, maybe a factor of a low demand for E6 processing. (It is the same service used for the recently discontinued process-paid Boots Colour Slide films).

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    Ag Photo Lab is £4.49 for E6 processing, add a bit more for prints and scans, I've used once, and was very happy with the results.

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    I prefer to process slides myself. The tetenal E-6 5L kit can give a good yield at a very good price. I may shoot 10 shots on 1 36exp roll of slide film, and develop that strip, and mount them. Moving to E-6 for my personal colour work I prefer it to C41/RA4 unless i do anything digital, my S8 and B/W i keep analog.

    It is not difficult to maintain the temperatures required, floating the bottles and tank in water to bring them up to temperature and having a good thermometer is more than adequate, i prefer home E-6 to sending it away, as i can see my results straight away, saves me a fortune and have gotten nice results. Just DO NOT get a kit without a stabilising solution, or mix your own, a mixture of photoflo and fomalin. I have not had colour casts if i follow the process properly. I use E-6 for Super-8 reversal as well. Hope this helps, have a stab at it if you feel you are up to it!

    Sorry i could not be of more help! As i carefully plan each exposure and compose it, I do not shoot a 36 exp roll in one session, I would move up to 120 if money permits! I <3 velvia 50 for landscapes! I have mixed brands of film in the same batch of chemicals (not in the tank at the same time) and have not had problems with colour casts. Although I will be keeping separate 1L batches for fuji/kodak film. Do not use them beyond capacity, or the change in developer pH can give you casts, or harm the stability of the film. Once you get the hang of it, it is easier than B/W!



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