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    Quote Originally Posted by newcan1 View Post
    Athiril (or anybody), is 5230 a more recent product introduction than 5219? I didn't even know it existed.

    I also did my tests on Vision2 (5218), at 1600 the negatives were a bit thinner than the 5219 but the results were very similar. So I think that all of these stocks keep fairly well if properly stored.

    I suspect they may be useable at higher speeds for scanning than they would be useable for analog printing.
    5230 is cheaper (slightly) than 5219 iirc, the one guy here in Aus that deals with mopic for Kodak told me that it was for TV shooters, and 5219 on the big screen should appear better, but I think it's the other way around, 5230 would appear better at normal usage.

    Was also told it's Vision2 based, but it is certainly not relabelled 5218, and it's not Vision3 either.

    ECN-2 iirc doesn't have stabiliser built into the film.
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