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Any 200 speed film pushed two stops to 800 will be very grainy, but I don't know what GAF is to make a similar suggestion.

Another option for slides is finding some older Kodak 400 ektachrome--the only time I shot this the grain looked big and you can always push it a stop.

GAF 500 was introduced perhaps about 30 years ago. It tended to have lower contrast with somewhat muted colors and very grainy. It could easily be puched to 1000 although at that rating exposure was very critical. It also had good reciprocity. I made some spectacular night photographs of a great oil tank fire (one that lasted for many days) in my home town of Doraville, Georgia. The time exposures gave the flames an etheral effect.

More notably, Sarah Moon shot a Pirelli Calendar with it (1972 http://www.pirellical.com ) and it really blew my socks off. I shot a lot of the film when it was available.

I now want to work with a grainy color film and make tri-color gums. I could shoot digital and add the grain but I would prefer a film camera in this case.