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    I was kind of referring to the previous CIE charts you posted and relating them to the histograms Dan. Something looks off to me but I cannot tell what. Perhaps it is your method of plotting. IDK for sure.

    But, whatever is going on, I get cyan results when I try "odd" things with C41 films.


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    The method isn't perfect, but it should be consistent in between each test, so that relative shifts can be seen.

    For the next test, it's back to Gold 100.

    I've created a 3 patch chart on Lustre RA-4 paper which reads as follows (V, R, G, B) on a densitometer,

    1.02 | 1.05, 1.06, 1.06
    0.72 | 0.74, 0.75, 0.74
    0.44 | 0.43, 0.47, 0.43

    the goal was to create 3-stop chart of 9%, 18% and 36%.

    I exposed up and down 3 stops apart each exposure, had to move indoors for the lower exposure values as I maxed out the aperture and shutter speed values on the poor AE-1.

    Split bath roll should be -12 to +12 stops, C-41 should be -12 to +9 (hit last frame, as I made a few errors).

    Results will of course have some margin of exposure error.

    I think I should do this again with single frame patches to make it easier.

    Kodak Gold 100 appears to give an additional four stops of developable shadow detail in the split-bath. (density differentiation in all three, R, G, B portions).

    Both hit red as the limiting density limit in highlight differentiation (less than 0.01d measurable difference) before being limited by G or B.

    I think there's a few more stops in the highlights as well before it breaks down, but I need to do another test to rule out error.
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