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    Fuji Crystal Papers / Type C vs Super Type C

    I understand that the Crystal Archive Super Type C from Fuji is optimized for Digital (laser) exposure, however I wanted to know opinions on giving this paper a try on a regular Beseler 23CII-XL dichro head and RA4 room temperature process. I know regular Type C is extinguished so I wonder if this Super Type C is the next best thing close to what Type C was, or should I not even try.


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    "Digitally optimized" just means a tad more sensitivity to green, since this is the weakest beam with laser printers. These papers work perfectly for enlargment too. "Type C" was just generic jargon. The
    specific "Super C" Fuji papers are still for sale, but at not their current product. The latest is Type II C.
    Here's how it differs: slightly thinner paper, and available in sheet only up to 20x24 (above that, rolls),
    slightly less contrast, but whiter base, so some hues do come out richer. I like it better than Super C,
    but it does need to be handled a little more carefully. In terms of color balance, they're almost identical. What I don't know at the moment is how exactly Type II Supergloss polyester-based media
    (vs RC paper) differs from the previous version. And I'm just about the find out. I just cut some test
    sheets from a master roll last weekend. I expect it to be stunning.



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