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    Old Flexicolor developer - still good?

    I picked up a pack of Kodak Flexicolor developer to make 3.7 gallons for £1 today from Silverprint . From the layer of dust on the box I would say this has been sat around for a long time, but I thought for the money it has to be worth a shot. Part A is in a large plastic bottle whilst part B and C are in small brown glass bottles. I held part C up to the light before I bought it and it still looked clear, without any precipitation or crystallisation but obviously couldn't see what colour it is.

    I'm not going to open it until i'm ready to test but if part C is still clear is it safe to assume that it hasn't oxidised and should still work? I'm guessing if it has gone brown/purple it is no good?

    I'm not necessarily looking for professional, repeatable results (if I was I wouldn't be developing in a hand tank in a tub of warm water) but I don't want blank negatives. I've been convinced of the excellent shelf life of C41 chemistry both by the litre and a half of Rollei chemistry that has been working well for me for a year now and this thread on flickr http://www.flickr.com/groups/diy_col...7633172029540/.

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    Sounds like it should be still good. That must be old if they are using glass bottles. I havent' seen those in a while.



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